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When you get lost in Akihabara, “Deepon” is recommended!
It’ll tell you where you go and what you eat!


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How to use
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Experience Relax and Healing Cafe / Restaurant Shopping
Maids / Concepted Cafe
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↓↓↓ Enjoy Akihabara with “Deepon” like this!! ↓↓↓

Ms. Linping, who is one of “the Key Opinion Leader” in China, tried our cosplay plan! (This movie is in Japanese and Chinese)
Deepon10,000 “Cosplay Full-Supported Plan”

She also tried cooking Hand-rolled Sushi plan!
(This movie is in Japanese and Chinese)
Deepon5,000 “Let’s Try! Cooking Easy Sushi Plan for 2 People”

She visited Cosplay Izakaya “LittleBSD” and enjoy unique meal from different world!
(This movie is in Japanese and Chinese)
Deepon5,000 “Luxurious Meal Plan with Little Demons”


Train Izakaya “LittleTGV”

Internet & Comic cafe “Nagomi style cafe AKIBA


There are more plans that you can enjoy deep experiences in Akihabara!
Please check them and purchase HERE!!