A unique gift card that makes easier to enjoy the deep Akihaba experience, it is “Deepon”.
It is on sale for 2,000 yen per sheet. Please confirm the purchase method here!

EASY to enjoy deep experiences in Akihabara
Just choose the one you like from the plan list, and simply pass “Deepon” to the staff!
Akihabara’s deep experience for beginners and repeaters
Offering unique experience of Akihabara, such as maid cafe, Izakaya and Bar, railroad model, and electronic work experience is available! These plans are all selected more than its face value (2,000 yen) or more.
“Deepon” is also highly recommend for repeaters!
The number of franchise stores will also increase in the future, and experiences that can only be experienced with Deepon are also planned to appear one after another.
Recommended as a gift
“I have not been to Akihabara yet, but I’m actually interested.”
“I will go to sightseeing in Tokyo this time, but I would like to take a peek at Akihabara at the same time” as a gift for people like.
As well as using on the day of purchase, of course, there is a usage period of up to three months, so you can use it for planning for groups such as company trips and incentive tours.


【Deepon’s MAP】

【Operating company】

Company name Akiba.TV Co. Ltd.
Representative Yuichiro Yoshioka
Establishment July 1, 2010
Capital 6.75 million yen
Location (Main Office)
2-3-6 Nishikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
(Akihabara Sales Office)
Akihabara radiocenter 409, 1-14-2 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
*For details such as maps please click here
Business contents
  • Video production business:Akihabara Internet broadcaster「Akiba.TV
  • Regional travel business(東京都知事登録旅行業 地域-6773号):Deep tour of Akihabara「Akiba Deep Travel
  • Various consulting business